Previous Projects and outcomes

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Participation Forum

In 2020 Barnardo’s Hype set up a participation forum which takes place every four months with an aim to improve health services within the city, and to learn from young people’s voices and experiences. The group enables a greater representation and stronger voice within health services across Plymouth.

This forum is attended by professionals from across the city from a wide range of services. These professionals who work with children and young people within a participation role or who have a keen interest in sharing the voice’s and opinions of children and young people they work with and work together to improve health services in Plymouth.

If you are interested in joining this forum or would like further information, please contact:

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Eco Warriors

Barnardo’s HYPE had the honour of delivering recruitment training to the Eco Warriors at Pennycross Primary School back in April. Twelve young people, two from each year group between years 1 and 6, took part in an hour long session where they explored the topic of recruitment with one of HYPE’s senior project workers, Gemma Blackmore. During the session the young people completed different activities and took part in discussions around the dos and don'ts of how to behave in an interview scenario. All young people were exceptionally well behaved, they took on board what was being said and at the end of the session, were all very excited about having the opportunities to interview potential Livewell employees in the future. Well done to all of the young people involved and HYPE look forward to working with you all in the future!



Working alongside HYPE young people in collaboration with RoundOne Films we created an animation film to raise awareness of HYPE. 

The young people talked and shared about what HYPE means to them and the journey that they have taken to be able to find a safe place to voice their opinions and thoughts.

The young people worked incredibly hard on producing storyboards, designing characters, and producing sound bites and soundtracks. Amazing!


Ten Wishes Revamp

A group of passionate young people across Plymouth worked collaboratively with the support of Plymouth CC and HYPE to revamp and raise awareness of the Ten Wishes. 
Young people participated in questionnaires, group discussions, workshops, and various media workshops to create educational materials.

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In oUr Own Words

Young people from around the country, that are involved in participation services, including Plymouth HYPE, were given the chance to co-write a report with the British Government. Our young people found out form other young people in Plymouth, how COVID had affected their mental health and well-being and from this information HYPE were able to give recommendations to the British Government on how to support young people as we transition out of lockdown.

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Chats with MPs

Back in July 2020, two of our young people, Tia and Dom, met with Plymouth MP Luke Pollard. In this meeting, they were able to share their results gathered within Plymouth when researching the impact of COVID 19 on young peoples mental health and well-being and the support they require as lockdown measures are lifted.


Watch the conversation here

Picture This

'Picture This' is currently in progress! We have had 14 young people sign up to complete the 6 sessions working alongside Artist Maria Outram. So far the young people have developed confidence, art skills, participation skills, and the desire to paint!

Watch this space for the final mast pieces!


'Hype is an amazing organisation to be a part of. Before I became a volunteer I wanted to make a change in Plymouth because I had a bad experience at a workplace as a young person. Hype has given me the chance to make a change and  I am so thankful to Hype for giving me this chance'. - George