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HYPE are really excited to be working in collaboration with RoundOne Films to produce a film to promote the HYPE service.
Our young people have been fundamental in the process of the initial ideas, designs and sound tracks to accompany the film. Our young people have chosen animation as their preferred choice of media and have also helped to create a non-gender character as well as sharing voice recordings and feelings which have also been peppered throughout.
Watch this space for the release…

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Mental Health and Covid-19: In Our Own Words

Young people from around the country, that are involved in participation services, including Plymouth HYPE, were given the chance to co-write a report with the British Government. Our young people found out form other young people in Plymouth, how COVID had affected their mental health and well-being and from this information HYPE were able to give recommendations to the British Government on how to support young people as we transition out of lockdown.

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Thank you for your input to our Parent and Young People surveys on the impact of COVID-19

We received a huge response to both our Parent survey and our Young person survey! These surveys have provided us with the data to write reports which can be shared with schools and organisations. This valuable data will then highlight the impact of COVID 19 on the balance of work and home life and allow schools and organisations to review their own services.

You can find the results of the Parents survey on our Reports page. 

The Young People's survey is currently being produced so check back soon to see the results!

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Chats with MPs

Back in July 2020, two of our young people, Tia and Dom, met with Plymouth MP Luke Pollard. In this meeting, they were able to share their results gathered within Plymouth when researching the impact of COVID 19 on young peoples mental health and well-being and the support they require as lockdown measures are lifted.

Watch the conversation here