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Get involved in recruitment

Our young people are given the opportunity to get involved in the recruitment process of Health Professionals. Taking part in the interview process and having their say in who they believe is best for the role, and would continue to promote participation in their role.

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Training and improving skills

Get involved in participation training and spend time improving skills through your experiences with the HYPE team.

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Distance Learning
Digital Mind

Get creative

If you have a passion for writing, drawing, film making or creating other forms of media, the HYPE Blog is a great opportunity to share with other young people. The HYPE Blog gives the chance for young people to start conversations and listen to each other, while being able to share their creativeness.

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Recognition for your hard work, skill improvement and dedication to advocating young people's voices

HYPE Plymouth are excited to announce that they have signed up to a virtual badge scheme which recognises and awards young people for their skills, knowledge, values and attributes they demonstrate as part of different projects they may get involved in. These badges have four different levels engage, participate, demonstrate and leadership. The badges are designed to be awarded to you virtually and the company RIO (Realistic Ideas Organisation) is working with employers across Plymouth to ensure these badges are recognisable and therefore can be put on CV’s to show your achievements.


Badges you can earn with plymouth hype

Engage badge

Getting Involved With HYPE - First Engagement Badge

You will have attended a meeting and demonstrated interest in getting more involved with HYPE.

Participate Badge

Barnardo’s Staff Selection Training Badge

You need to have attended a training event to prepare you to recruit staff for Barnardo’s, the local authority or health service. 

Participate badge

Get Creative With Barnardo’s HYPE

You need to have created or contributed to an online blog, drawing, painting, sculpture, craft piece, poetry, creative writing, acting, film making, film script writing or story-telling project.

Demonstrate Badge

Barnardo’s Staff Selection and Recruitment Badge

You need to have participated in a recruitment panel for either Barnardo's, The Local Authority or Health Service.

Demonstrate Badge

Barnardo’s HYPE Service Training & Presenting Badge

You need to be under 25 years old and have presented at a staff training program or other event, using your lived experience.

Demonstrate Badge

Barnardo’s HYPE Art and Creativity Project

You need to have demonstrated your learning from participating in an art or creative project which conveys messages important to children, young people and their families.

Demonstrate Badge

Barnardo’s HYPE Community Research Badge

You will need to use your lived experience to design and carry out a research project with your peers.

Expert Badge

Barnardo’s Staff Selection & Recruitment- Expert

You need to demonstrate skills in recruiting and selecting candidates for Barnardo’s, local authorities and health staff. Having recruited staff for a minimum of 6 months and 5 interview panels.

Expert Badge

Barnardo’s HYPE Training & Presenting Badge - Expert

You need to have presented at staff training programmes or events and will have used your lived experience to contribute to these. You will have an improved understanding of a range of issues affecting young people and service users.

Leader badge

Barnardo’s HYPE Service Young Leader

You need to have shown leadership by supporting and mentoring young people, presenting the service to others, and introducing them to groups. This includes taking responsibility for a participation project and to be confident in leading training groups with young people and professionals.

Leader badge

Barnardo's HYPE Service Training & Presenting Badge – Lead

You will have a proven ability to work as a member of the HYPE team and co-design and co-deliver learning workshops and events to support development and understanding of staff.