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Say It With Film

Film is one of the most effective ways for young people to have their say, to have influence and shape opinion. 


This film, made by young people from Plymouth and Bristol tells you about the wonderful achievements completed so far by HYPE young people,
it show cases all of our projects that you, as a young person, can get involved with too! 

‘I’m so glad to have been able to work on this video and it has allowed me to expand on skills that have only been a hobby to me so far. It is also amazing to see the reaction this video got and how many people are going to be using and viewing a video I helped create.’  ~ E-Plymouth 

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Who We Are

HYPE Barnardo's Plymouth was established in 2020 to enable young people and their families to co-design and contribute to change in children's health within Plymouth.

Barnardo's HYPE service works as a partner with Livewell Southwest in Plymouth supporting with many aspects of their work including providing young people on recruitment panels for any posts within the Children Young People and Families Services.

We have a sister service in Bristol that was established in 2009. 




What We Do

Making A Difference

Chats with MPs

Our young people are given the opportunity to meet and share their views and opinions of issues that effect them and other young people directly to Members of Parliament. Often this leads to further discussions around the topic and raise greater awareness in places like Parliament with the aim that the young people can influence change.

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Writing reports with Government

Young people from around the country, that are involved in participation services, including Plymouth HYPE, were given the chance to co-write a report with the British Government. Our young people found out form other young people in Plymouth, how COVID had affected their mental health and well-being and from this information HYPE were able to give recommendations to the British Government on how to support young people as we transition out of lockdown.

To view the report, please follow the link: https://www.barnardos.org.uk/mental-health-covid19-in-our-own-words-report

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Interview Panels

As a young person working alongside HYPE, you will be invited to undertake recruitment training which will broaden your skill set. These skills will enable you to be apart of the recruitment process within Health and Wellbeing settings, ensuring that the applicant demonstrates skills that you would like to see in  professional. These skills can also be used when you seek your own employment. Your time and effort will be rewarded.

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​"Children have the right to be heard in all decisions that affect them."

Article 12- U.N. Convention for the Rights of the Child


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